Event Date: 16 April - 30 June 2020

Virtual Talks Available Online!

If you missed one of our Virtual Talks and classes, they are available on demand on their respective event pages and through our YouTube channel.
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Event Date: 21 May - 29 June 2020

‘Changing the World’ Writing Resources for KS2-3: Webinar for Teachers and Home Educators

This webinar will introduce teachers and home educators to writing resources for KS2-3 which were created in partnership by Benjamin Franklin House, Newington Green Meeting House and the Museum of Methodism & John Wesley's House.
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Event Date: 26 May 2020

Live Science Class for Kids: Ben Franklin and the Gulf Stream

Did you know that Ben Franklin crossed the Atlantic 8 times in his life? He kept busy on these long journeys by charting the Gulf Stream. Join this virtual class for KS3 (US Grades 6-8) to learn more about this ocean current and why it is so important to our climate today, developing an understanding of Sustainable Development Goal 13: climate action and Sustainable Development Goal 14: life below water. Create your own convection current at home!
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Event Date: 28 May 2020

Virtual Talk: What Would Benjamin Franklin Think About Facebook?

Amy Werbel, Fulbright Scholar to the United Kingdom and Professor at the State University of New York-Fashion Institute of Technology, ponders how the prospect of greater censorship of social media, Franklin’s experiences and views, shed necessary light on our best path forward in tumultuous times.

To join the talk directly on Thursday May 28th at 3pm GMT/10am EST follow the Zoom link here:
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Event Date: 5 - 9 October 2020

Polymath Festival at Benjamin Franklin House (Postponed)

As part of the Polymath Festival, Benjamin Franklin House stages an immersive tour of the world's only remaining home of Benjamin Franklin with a drama that seamlessly blends live interpretation and cutting edge sound, lighting, and visual projection to tell the rich story of Benjamin Franklin’s 16 polymathic years in London.
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