Event Date: 16 April - 31 December 2020

Virtual Talks Available Online!

Find out about upcoming virtual events hosted by Benjamin Franklin House. If you missed one of our past events, they are available on demand on their respective event pages and through our YouTube channel.
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Event Date: 28 November - 26 September 2020

Franklin’s Young Inventors Science Club: Muscles

Franklin's Young Inventors is our science club for aspiring scientists in Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14). Participants will learn all about the experiments carried out by Benjamin Franklin and his British friends as well as trying their hand at practical investigations.
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Event Date: 9 December 2020

Ben’s Book Club: ‘Christmas Traditions’ by George Goodwin

Join us for the December instalment of Ben’s Book Club, a monthly virtual gathering looking at themes relating to Benjamin Franklin, the 18th century, and American history. This month we will be taking a festive break by talking to George Goodwin, our Author in Residence, about his book Christmas Traditions, an entertaining and enlightening guide to the sacred and secular traditions of Christmas, with many of the latter being 19th-century Anglo-American creations that owe much to Washington Irving and Charles Dickens.
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