Summer Break @ Ben’s House: Portrait Perfect

Portrait of Benjamin Franklin by David Martin, reading a paper, wearing a powdered wig

Strike a pose! Discover the secrets of portraiture and explore the hidden messages behind some of the most famous paintings in the world!

About this event

Explore the home of one of the most famous figure from American history, Benjamin Franklin, who lived in London for almost 16 years! Inside you will get a feel for 18th century London and find the perfect backdrop for your very own portrait!

Examine the interested details hidden throughout some of the most famous paintings in the world as well as those featuring Benjamin Franklin himself!

Create a fantastic Georgian portrait of yourself and fill it with your very own hidden meanings and messages!

This is an event for KS2-3 school children and our recommended age is 7-13. Accompanying adults welcome. There are two opportunities to join us for this event; come along on either 30th or 31st August for our fourth and final week of Summer Break @ Ben’s House!

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