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Download a task-setting PowerPoint to introduce students to Ben Franklin’s fascinating life and inspire their writing here.

Benjamin Franklin House Lesson Recording

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To watch recordings of our Science Classes for KS2-3 (US Grades 2-8), please follow the links below:

Ben Franklin’s Lightning Rod (Electricity)

Ben Franklin’s Glass Armonica (Sound)

Ben Franklin’s Bifocals (Light)

Ben Franklin’s Fuel-efficient Stove (Energy)

Ben Franklin’s Swim Fins (Forces)

Ben Franklin and the Gulf Stream (Energy)

Ben Franklin and the Northern Lights (Space)

Ben Franklin and Storm Clouds (States of Matter)

Ben Franklin’s Long Arm (Forces)

Guest Presenter from Newington Green Meeting House (States of Matter)

Guest Presenter from John Wesley’s House (Materials and their Properties)

Ben Franklin and Volcanoes (Rocks, Earth and Atmosphere)

Ben Franklin and the Solar System (Space)

Up, up and away! (Forces)

Hewson’s School of Anatomy (Animals including humans)

Watch it Grow (Plants)

To watch recordings of our History Classes for KS2-3 (US Grades 2-8), please follow the links below:

Pre-Colonial America

The British in America

The Original 13 Colonies

The 7 Years’ War

Georgian Work and Industry

Georgian Politics and Government 

Georgian Art and Literature

Discover Georgian Music

Georgian Buildings and Architecture

Georgian Health and Medicine

Georgian Education and Etiquette

Discover Georgian Ceramics with Newington Green Meeting House

Georgian Crime and Punishment

Georgian Fun and Games

Georgian Food and Drink

Discover the Georgian Home with John Wesley’s House

Georgian Children and Families

Georgian Society and Class

Georgian Kings and Queens

Dress like a Georgian!

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