Live History Class: Discover Georgian Music

Illustration of Benjamin Franklin playing the harpsicord. Franklin wears gold breeches and waistcoat and red overcoat, with lots of buttons and braiding. It is very colourful and the background is a psychedelic pattern of green and purple stripes.

Join this special half term edition of our virtual history classes series all about music in the 18th century! In these classes, we learn about key aspects of the Georgian period, when Benjamin Franklin was living in London. Together we will uncover the past and develop historical skills!

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was a great lover of music? He enjoyed singing and even invented his own instrument… the glass armonica! In this class, we’ll look at popular styles of music from the Georgian era. We’ll also learn about famous composers from the period and hear their music played on a modern replica of Franklin’s armonica. Then we’ll have a go at making our own percussive instruments!

Activity materials: small container (e.g. empty Kinder egg capsule, empty hand sanitiser bottle), rice

Most suitable for KS2 and KS3 (US Grades 2-8) but all ages welcome!

Watch the full class below: