At Benjamin Franklin House we strive to be as inclusive as possible so that everyone, regardless of ability or needs, is able to access our fantastic education offering here at the House.

Our Education Manager, has over 7 years’ experience in creating accessible curriculums, lesson plans and workshops. Having worked in an Alternative Provision/Pupil Referral Unit, as well as the SEND department of an Higher Education institution, he has experience working with pupils from Early Years to Post 16.

Our SEND programme aims to provide pupils with opportunities to experience the House via specially tailored sessions that cater for all needs. If you are a teacher, educator, parent or carer looking to visit the House, please consider whether one of the following sessions would be suitable for your child/children.

Relaxed Tours and Science Demonstrations

Our Education Manager is able to offer relaxed tours for individuals or small groups looking to experience the House at their own pace. These tours occur outside of our public and school opening hours allowing visiting pupils the opportunity to explore each room uninterrupted. The tours usually last up to one hour (longer slots can be arranged) and follow the same structure as our mainstream offering. The relaxed visit will include;

  • An introduction to Benjamin Franklin and his House – Providing pupils with an overview of the life and times of Benjamin Franklin. Our Education Manager will use this section to gauge the levels at which to pitch the subsequent content of the visit. There will also be an opportunity to explore Georgian medicine via our display of the bones in our basement!
  • A guided tour of Benjamin Franklin House – Introducing pupils to Georgian architecture, living, culture and history as we delve into the story behind each room.
  • Science demonstration – You can choose from one of the following;
    • Inventing the Glass Armonica – Pupils can learn all about our replica Glass Armonica as well as have a go at playing this interesting instrument themselves! This demonstration covers the topic of Sound.
    • The True Nature of Lightning – Pupils can watch an electrifying recreation of Franklin’s most famous experiment, flying a kite in a thunderstorm! Using our Tesla Coil, we explore the topic of electricity as well as the invention of the lightning rod. This demonstration involves the use of high voltage equipment, contains loud noises, bright flashing lights and can be distressing for children with sensory needs.

To book please contact our Education Manager directly via email or telephone ( or 02078392013)

Wheelchair Users and Mobility Needs

Due to the architectural and protected nature of the House, we are not a wheelchair accessible site and our visits require the use of stairs throughout. We hope to be able to resolve this outstanding issue in the future but unfortunately this means that we cannot welcome wheelchair users or individuals with mobility needs into the building.

As an alternative to coming onsite to experience Benjamin Franklin House, we are able to instead bring Benjamin Franklin House to you! We are continually updating and improving our Outreach Programme and from the 2022/23 academic year we are extending this to include individual and/or small group settings. All of our mainstream outreach offers can be applied to your pupils circumstances, for more information head to our Outreach Page.

To book please contact our Education Manager directly via email or telephone ( or 02078392013)

Bespoke Private Tours/Visits for SEND and Complex Needs Individuals

If you would like to visit the House with an individual that requires a more tailored experience, then our Education Manager is more than happy to accommodate! We understand that some pupils benefit from a programme that is specifically created with their needs and interests in mind. Our Education Manager is no stranger to developing sessions that engage individuals via topics or hobbies that allow individuals to access the curriculum. He has created schemes of work that teach core subjects entirely via Football analogies, Maths using Baking recipes, English Language and Literature via Manga… you name it!

Bespoke experiences are always welcome at Benjamin Franklin House, all you need to do is contact our Education Manager and let us know how we can best engage with your individuals’ strengths.

To book please contact our Education Manager directly via email or telephone ( or 02078392013)

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  • 24 Apr 2024

    Thanks for an engaging workshop! A well delivered presentation and the class really enjoyed the hands-on experiments.

    Year 4 teacher
  • 13 Mar 2024

    Very engaging and informative and the pupils loved the session!

    Year 6 teacher
  • 30 Mar 2023

    We just wanted to say that we loved the trip. The children loved the tasks and really broadened their knowledge.

    Year 6 teacher