Science on Stage & History and Science Fair

Science on Stage and the History and Science Fair are two of our key education events that aim to inspire students by involving them in hands-on science. Both are free for schools and families to take part in.

Science on Stage

Science on Stage, held in partnership with The Royal Institution, illuminates the National Curriculum through a variety of activities which demonstrate how the work of Franklin and scientists at the Ri arose from a spirit of awe and curiosity about the world in which they lived. The content is appropriate for upper Key Stage 2 children with the focus on a range of learning styles to enable all children to benefit from the experience.

You can watch a recording of Science on Stage 2021 below. This year’s event took place virtually on 26 May:

Please contact our Education Manager for more information and to register your interest in Science on Stage 2022.

History and Science Fair

Our History and Science Fair allows children to develop skills associated with scientific enquiry as prioritised in the National Curriculum. In the summer term, Year 6 students are invited to explore the core topic of light through creating their own light mazes. Participating schools receive a workshop from our Education Manager introducing students to the history of Franklin’s investigations into light and will be sent materials to create their projects. Schools will then submit their winning entries and overall winners will be announced at a prize-giving event.

Please contact our Education Manager for more details of how to take part in the History and Science Fair 2022.

Funding for the History and Science Fair has generously been provided for the British Association of American Studies and the U.S. Embassy London.

Science on Stage science experiments
Science on Stage science experiments
Science on Stage science experiments
Rainbow liquids in test tubes on stage
Science on Stage scientist performing an experiment
Science on Stage science experiments
Children presenting their science experiments in Franklin's parlour
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Education Days

Our award winning education days take place every Tuesday in the House’s Student Science Centre. Visits support the National Curriculum in history, science, English, design and technology, mathematics and citizenship.