Science on Stage & Science Fair

Science on Stage and Science Fair are two of our key education events that aim to inspire students by actively involving them in live science. Both are free for schools and families to take part in.

Science on Stage

COVID-19 Update: Some of our wonderful presenters from across the science world have made their presentations available for you to download and view at home!

Alison Eves, The Royal Institution

Click here to download Alison Eves’ Benjamin Franklin: Better by miles! presentation. Alison demonstrates how Benjamin Franklin combined a genius for mechanical invention with the results of a 5 month tour of colonial America to get a magical machine for knowing how far you have travelled. Children will then be able to test the principles by making and using a model for measuring distance based on Franklin’s idea. Click here for Primary Mathematics Masterclass resources from the Royal Institution.

Andrew Hanson, National Physical Laboratory

Benjamin Franklin’s odometer is great for measuring journeys or football pitches but what if you want to measure the size of atoms really accurately? Join Andrew Hanson from the National Physical Laboratory to find out more! Click here for Measurement at Home challenges from the NPL.

Science on Stage illuminates the National Curriculum through a variety of activities which demonstrate how Franklin’s work arose from a spirit of awe and curiosity about the world in which he lived, which in turn led him to ask questions, seek answers and develop solutions. The content is appropriate for Key Stage 2 children with the focus on a range of learning styles to enable all children to benefit from the experience.

Science on Stage takes place in partnership with The Royal Institution, in May of each year. Please contact the Education Manager for further information.

Science Fair

The annual Benjamin Franklin House Science Fair allows children to develop skills associated with scientific enquiry as prioritised in the National Curriculum. They are encouraged to develop their own responses to problems Franklin considered at Craven Street. Young people create and display their own experiments at in-school Science Fairs, with winning entries going forward to the end of year Science Fair at the House. The Education Manager supplies teachers with materials and teaching aids.

Science Fair has been accredited with a CREST Star by the British Science Association. The CREST Star scheme enables children to solve science, technology, engineering and maths problems through practical investigations such as Science Fair. CREST Star is used in over 3000 primary schools across the UK.

Please contact the Education Manager for more details of how to take part in the Science Fair during the Summer Term of 2021.

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Education Days

Our award winning education days take place every Tuesday in the House’s Student Science Centre. Visits support the National Curriculum in history, science, English, design and technology, mathematics and citizenship.