Family Event: Inside Benjamin Franklin’s House

Our first family event of 2023 will explore Benjamin Franklin House to uncover what life was like in 18th century London. We will learn about the history behind each room of this Grade-I listed Georgian townhouse to understand what would have been happening here over 250 years ago!

Inside Benjamin Franklin’s House will be taking place on Thursday 16th February – 11am-12:30pm


What did the Georgians have for dinner? In our Historic Kitchen, we will learn about 18th century food & drink and even read some rather interesting recipes from 1785… pickled eels and turnip wine, anyone?

How did the Georgians entertain themselves? On our first floor, we will discover how tourism and leisure activities began to boom in the 18th century with new and exciting forms of entertainment becoming popular across the country. From firework displays to travelling zoos, curiosity shops to waxwork museums – the Georgians really knew how to enjoy their spare time!

What was Benjamin Franklin’s daily routine? On our second floor, where Benjamin Franklin lived for 16 years, we will read his very own account of his day to day living. We will hear all about his morning routine, his fitness regime, and even his personal hygiene! After hearing some of his tips, you might think that the Georgians weren’t so gorgeous after all!

For the final half of the session, we will craft our very own Benjamin Franklin House and fill our rooms with beautiful 18th century decorations! Each attendee will be able to take their homemade houses home at the end of the session, or donate their creations to the museum for us to put on display!

This is a FREE family event. You must reserve tickets for all those attending the event (including adults). The recommended age for this event is 5-11, however, all ages are welcome!