Live History Class for Kids: The 7 Years’ War

British and French battleships at war at sea during the 7 Years' War. In this view from astern of the action, looking towards the French coast, the ship sinking in the centre is the French Thesee, with Augustus Keppel's Torbay to the right. Between them in the distance de Conflans' Soleil Royal is engaged with Hawke's 'Royal George', right, flying his blue command flag at the mainmast. Another French ship, the Superbe is sinking in the left distance, largely swamped (as was the Thesee) by water coming through her lower gunports.

Thursday 9 December, 4.30pm GMT/11.30am ET. Register here for this 30-minute class.

Join our virtual history classes on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 4.30pm GMT to learn about to key events in early American history. Together we will uncover the past and develop historical skills!

In this class, we’ll find out about the 7 Year’s War when Britain and France went to war over the colonies. We’ll explore how this sewed the seeds of the American Revolution and create a timeline to help us remember the key stages of the conflict.

Activity materials: paper and pencil/pen

Most suitable for KS2 and KS3 (US Grades 2-8) but all ages welcome!