Franklin’s Young Inventors Science Club: Electric Current

Mini Tesla coil being fired with blue lightning

Saturday 16 October, 10am-11:30am. Register here to attend in-person.

Join our science club at Benjamin Franklin House, the London home of the famous Founding Father of the United States who was also a scientist and inventor. You will learn about the experiments carried out by Benjamin Franklin and his British friends as well as trying your hand at practical investigations. This week we will be exploring the core physics topic of electric current.

Most suitable for Years 7-9 (ages 11-14) but all ages welcome!  Franklin’s Young Inventors is free to attend but booking is essential.

Parents are welcome to join, however, if you would prefer to drop off and pick up your child(ren) we will ask you to sign a permission form when you arrive.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions:

– We are limiting bookings to 15 people so please book a ticket for each adult and child attending

– Activities will take place in a well-ventilated historic space with hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes available

– All staff and adult visitors are encouraged to wear a face covering

Virtual Alternative

If you would prefer to learn with Benjamin Franklin House remotely, you can sign up here for a 30-minute science class via Zoom at 4.30pm BST/11.30am EDT on Tuesday 19 October. If you would like to create an electromagnet at home after the class, you will need the following items: a nail (made of iron or steel and at least 5cm long), a battery and insulated copper wire (available online or in most hardware stores).

Safety Warning! Electromagnets generate heat so children should only recreate this demonstration under adult supervision and following the guidance given in the class.

Please note that the session will be recorded. A parent, carer or teacher should register on behalf of participants. By registering, participants agree to follow our Online Safety Agreement. For more information, contact our Education Manager.

Funding for Franklin’s Young Inventors has generously been provided by the United States Government and the DAR Walter Hines Page Chapter.