Family Event: Letters From the Past

Quills at the ready! Join us as we learn about Benjamin Franklin’s literary success as a famous writer and printer in the 18th century. Join our letter writing workshop and experience writing with quills, ink and parchment!

About this event

Explore the home of one of the most famous figure from American history, Benjamin Franklin, who lived in London for almost 16 years! Inside you will get a feel for 18th century London as well as the rooms where Franklin wrote some of his most famous letters.

Learn all about Benjamin Franklin’s life as a successful printer, author and the first US Postmaster General! You will even get a chance to see one of Benjamin Franklin’s handwritten letters up close!

Create your very own letter from the 18th century as we roll up our sleeves for some good old fashioned tea staining! Write a letter using your freshly made parchment using our quills and ink pots!

This is an event for KS2 school children and our recommended age is 7-11. Accompanying adults welcome. There are two opportunities to join us for this event; come along on either 9th or 10th August for our second week of Summer Break @ Ben’s!

9th & 10th August 2022, 10:30am-12:30pm

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