On Tuesday 17 January 2023, we hosted a very special Birthday party for Ben.

18th Century Birthday celebrations look quite different to what we know today and we will never know how Franklin spent those 16 Birthday’s here at 36 Craven Street. But, with an after-hours tour, a (historically inaccurate) rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ on his Glass Armonica and 21st century sponge cake and balloons in his parlour, we like to think that this was his best Birthday yet!

A huge thank you to Sir Bob Reid, Gay Huey Evans, Dr. Andrew J. O’Shaughnessy and Dr. George Boudreau who made the evening extra special by joining us virtually and sharing their wonderful tributes to the man!

The day also marked our 17th anniversary of being open to the public and so we extend our gratitude to our audience, whether you’ve visited us in person, or follow us digitally, Benjamin Franklin House would not be here without you.

Cheers Ben!

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