Frank(lin) Views: David Bruce Smith


Frank(lin) Views podcast features thought leaders across disciplines on themes associated with Benjamin Franklin – the great diplomat, writer, inventor, scientist and more – including leadership, the purpose of history, modern day publishing, and diplomacy.

In this episode of Frank(lin) Views, David Bruce Smith speaks with Benjamin Franklin House Founding Director, Dr Márcia Balisciano, about making learning accessible, ways of thinking about history, and the virtues of polymathy.

Smith is based in Washington DC and is an author, publisher, businessman, and philanthropist. Following a successful two-decade career in residential and commercial property management at the Charles E. Smith Realty Companies, Smith shifted his focus to writing, editing, and publishing. In 2003 he founded David Bruce Smith Publications, a company specialising in books about authors, historical figures, artists, and leaders.

To date, he has authored twelve books: In Many Arenas, 13 Young Men, Tennessee, Three Miles from Providence, Conversations with Papa Charlie, Afternoon Tea with Mom, Letters to My Children, Building the Community, Continuum, Building My Life and the children’s book American Hero: John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States and Abigail & John.

In 2014 Smith launched The Grateful American Series, an interactive multimedia program designed to restore enthusiasm in American history for children and adults. In the same year he formed The Grateful American Foundation, which focuses on publishing materials and producing activities for children about American History. In 2015, along with Dr Bruce Cole, Smith cofounded the Grateful American Book Prize. The annual award recognises written 7-9th grade level work in fiction, historical fiction, and nonfiction categories.