Primary School Visits

Our award winning education days take place on Tuesdays in the House’s Student Science Centre. Visits support the National Curriculum in history, science, English, design and technology, mathematics and citizenship; an overview can be found here.

Based on the London life and work of Benjamin Franklin, we provide hands-on activities that capture children’s imaginations. On a visit to the House children will:

  • See the Children’s Historical Experience, an interactive walk through the historic rooms of the House accompanied by Polly, the daughter of Franklin’s landlady enriched through our vibrant Franklin Illuminations projected onto the walls
  • Visit the Medical History Room with its emphasis on the pioneering science of Dr. William Hewson, Polly’s husband, who ran an anatomy school at 36 Craven Street
  • Be challenged to identify various Craven Street-related objects in the Discovery Room with fun computer games
  • Observe a live science demonstration. Choose from:
    • The True Nature of Lightning (Electricity)
    • Inventing the Armonica (Sound)
    • Investigating Canals (Forces)

Although particularly relevant to Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 11), a visit can be tailored for Key Stage 1, providing curriculum enrichment opportunities for students with a wide variety of interests.

Sessions run each Tuesday from 10.30am-12pm or 12:30-2.00pm with a maximum of 30 students per session.

For more or information, please contact the Education Manager or download our Teacher’s Pack.

Booking Availability 2022/23:

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If you would like to book a visit, please complete our booking form here.

Children laughing
Child dressing up in historical costume
Children looking at a fake bone
Children playing on the tablets in the Student Science Centre