Attending MLB London Series 2023? Add Benjamin Franklin House to your to-do list…

Chicago statue of Benjamin Franklin with photoshopped baseball cap, bat and ball. The MLB London Series logo is also shown.

St. Louis Cardinals face Chicago Cubs at the London Stadium June 24 to 25. Extend the excitement of your MLB London Series trip with our top tips and 10 reasons to visit Benjamin Franklin House:


  1. A new way to learn the story behind the man on the C-Note

    With a visit to the Benjamin Franklin House, history comes alive! We offer an immersive experience that tells the rich story of Franklin in London through live interpretation, sound, lighting, and visual projection.

  2. Connect with London’s past and present

    Entering Craven Street from the hustle and bustle of a 21st century Strand, you are immediately transported to Franklin’s 18th century London. A true hidden gem!

  3. Learn

    Franklin was a huge advocate of education for all! Benjamin Franklin House offers an accessible and enjoyable way to refresh all you learnt about Ben in High School. Connect with us on social media to learn more about Franklin’s life through short and digestible content.

  4. Get answers to the age-old question…was Benjamin Franklin a serial killer?!

    Find out why 1200 human bones were discovered buried in our garden…

  5. Americana

    Looking for a home away from home? Indulge those American roots and find out why Franklin loved this city so much.

  6. The heart of London

    Located in Westminster in the centre of London, Benjamin Franklin House is perfect for an off-the-beaten-track attraction amongst local tourist hotspots like the London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

  7. Original 18th Century architecture

    Experience an authentic 18th century London home! Built in 1730, the House retains a lot of its original features that Ben himself would recognise. On Fridays, our Architecture Tours dive deep into its fascinating history.

  8. Franklin Trail

    The Benjamin Franklin House is one exciting spot along the Franklin Trail in London. Central to the trail, come and learn how he lived, conducted experiments for his scientific inventions and negotiated with key figures of the day.

  9. Welcoming and insightful staff

    The staff at the Benjamin Franklin House are all Franklin enthusiasts and willing to ask any questions you have!

  10. Understanding and appreciation

    Learning history helps one reflect on the present day and why certain traditions and
    customs exist. Additionally, appreciating history allows one better understand the current
    state of affairs and recognise patterns for the future.

Benjamin Franklin: Cub or Cardinal?

Designed to keep Benjamin Franklin’s history alive in the minds of Chicago’s youth, a monument to him stands in the city’s Lincoln Park!
With a big ego and no direct link to the city of St Louis, it’s only fair to assume that Franklin would therefore be rooting for the Cubs.. sorry not sorry.

Top tips to make the most of your MLB London Series!



The MLB London Series is held at London Stadium, June 24-25. Public transport in London is accessible and easy to use and payment can be made using contactless debit/credit cards and mobile devices.

Downloading the app CityMapper makes directions easy for all IOS and Android users. For more directions, see Transport for London’s tube map, bus map, or guidance on cycling in London.

Visiting Benjamin Franklin House? Here’s some handy advice for getting here!


For ballpark inspired food, MLB London Series has partnered up with some great London establishments!

Representing Chicago Cubs, there’s Yard Sale Pizza.

And for St Louis Cardinals fans, check out Patty & Bun.

More fun on Benjamin Franklin House’s doorstep!

MLB London Series Trafalgar Square Takeover is a three-day celebration of baseball culture in one of the most iconic spots in the city (and a 2 minute walk from us!)
Visit the Fan Festival page to find out more.

A visit to Benjamin Franklin House is a real home run…