A-Maze-ing! Franklin’s Young Inventors get creative with Light!

On Saturday 16th July 2022 we held our final Franklin’s Young Inventors session of the 2021-22 school year. This week the topic was Light and saw our young inventors design some brilliant light mazes using torches and mirrors.

We began the session by learning all about one of Benjamin Franklin’s most famous innovations, the bifocals, and explored their use from 18th century to modern day. We then expanded our knowledge by learning all about light and how our eyes allow us to see. We defined key words such as ‘reflection’ and ‘refraction’ before getting stuck in with the main activity of the morning; light mazes!

Tasked with creating an imaginative method of using a light source and mirrors to illuminate tunnels, roads and even underground stations, the young inventors produced some truly a-maze-ing pieces of work.

Unfortunately, we had to pack these away at the end of the session. But worry not! You can see each creation in the gallery below!

Our next Young Inventors session will take place in September to welcome in the new 2022-23 academic year. In the meantime, visit our Events Page to see what we have planned for the Summer Break!