On This Day | 25th September 2018
September 25, 1638
The first printing press is in operation in America.
On This Day | 24th September 2018
September 24, 1786
Jupiter Hammon, an African-American poet, delivered the "Address to the Negroes of the State of New York" advocating for the emancipation of slaves.
On This Day | 17th August 2018
August 17, 1790
The United States capital moves from New York City to its temporary home in Philadelphia.
On This Day | 26th July 2018
July 26, 1775
The United States Post Office is established. Benjamin Franklin was named the first Postmaster General.
On This Day | 8th July 2018
July 8, 1776
The first public reading of the Declaration of Independence takes place in Philadelphia.
On This Day | 29th June 2018
June 29, 1767
Britain levied the Townshend Revenue Act on the American colonies.
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