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“I Benjamin Franklin of Philadelphia, printer, late Minister Plenipotentiary from the United States of America to the Court of France, now President of the State of Pennsylvania, do make and declare my last will and testament as follows….”

Benjamin Franklin believed in making a difference – he did that during his lifetime and he ensured in his will (1788) and codicil (1789) that he would continue to do so.  As he said in the latter, “I wish to be useful even after my Death.”  For example, he bequeathed £1000 to the city of Boston which was used to found today’s Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, a private, two year technical college that helps young people gain skills needed for viable careers.

Benjamin Franklin House embodies Franklin’s spirit of innovation, passion for education, testing and trying – it is a great legacy which makes the largest Franklin artefact, his only remaining residence where he made lasting contributions across so many fields, a vibrant place to contemplate history and to pursue dynamic future-thinking endeavours.

We are new, small and independent.  A legacy gift can ensure exceptional delivery of our core programs and allow us to be Franklinesque in pursuing landmark, new activities.  You can shape your legacy gift to address any area of interest, such as conservation, education, outreach and the promotion of public knowledge of Franklin. Please contact the Director to discuss legacy giving further: +44 20 7839 2006;

See general sample wording for inclusion in a will.