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Franklin translated curiosity and discovery into practical ways of improving life and society. In essence Franklin said, 'I want to know; I can know.' The Student Science Centre allows students to re-create diverse experiments from Franklin's sojourn in London. The activities in the Student Science Centre are designed to support elements of the National Curriculum and stimulate inquisitiveness, creativity and critical thought through enjoyable play-based activity.

Tesla Coil

The Student Science Centre encompasses the Medical History Room, the Discovery Room and the Demonstration Room.

The Medical History Room emphasis is on the medical research work of William Hewson, husband of Polly Hewson (the daughter of Franklin's landlady) who operated an anatomy school at 36 Craven Street. The Medical History Room exposes young minds to scientific enquiry and life processes.

In the Discovery Room, children are challenged to identify various Craven Street-related objects to explain their function and test their guesses. Items are set in both a historical and scientific context.

The Demonstration Room features task-led, hands-on experiments that supplement the other learning activities and refer to Franklin's scientific activities at the House. Dramatic, interest-catching audio-visual segments support the presentations, extending the lesson and enabling children to explore 'what if' questions such as 'what happens if lightning strikes a building with no lightning conductor?'

NB: The Student Science Centre is open to visiting educational groups. To make a booking please email:

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Discovery Room